Thursday, April 22, 2010

Been awhile....

Sorry all, I've been absorbed with school, and painting for a tournament in a week so i have not had time to update.

OK, so heres the plan. I have 8 days, minus three hours this saturday, to paint 96 more miniatures (including 3.5 characters!) for the RECON 2000 pt tournament next sunday. If you've hopped over to the army list section, you've probably seen what i'm gonna take, so i'll spare the details. Suffice to say it is a sub-par but hopefully entertaining skellie horde tomb king list.

i'll ve updating project Q in a moment, and i plan to have pictures up during the next week.

The main plan is to tackle 76 figures first, and then move onto the hard stuff (tomb guard)

If you wanna check out my youtube blog which has video of the progress, go to youtube and search for either "Blacklashwave" or "project Quatar)

Till nextime,