Tuesday, May 11, 2010

advertising apparently sucks when its free

So, tournament went well. For the last week and a half i've been trying to get back into my painting groove and get these videos posted.

One problem. I use background music in my videos and apparently the people at UMG or AMg (i cannot remember which) think free, cited advertising of thier awesome music is wrong to use as background noise for a reel of pictures in between two pieces of dialogue. So my audio was taken down and I decided to Redo the entire video, as well as the other two i have completed, so that no one is hurt by a little background music.

In other news, I will be opening a new text blog with the advent of the summer and hence my return to WAR. Note that this will not eclipse this blog, I WILL STILL MAKE UPDATES.

Anyhoo, thought i'd let my readers known whats goin on before I jump ship again for finals and trying to get things sorted.