Sunday, November 29, 2009

frenzy can be a good thing...

so i had a 24 hour painting challenge last night. was awesome. besides a singe warp-fire thrower i am getting in the mail, my entire skaven army is painted.

here are some pics. i call the two knights the christmas duo

till next time...


Thursday, November 26, 2009

thanksgiving update.

amid the stuffing and the cranberry sauce, the peas and of course the turkey, i press ever foward.

not much to tell except three things:

1. i got a new camera! (yay new and better pictures!)

2. i'm painting my arse off for a tourney this coming 5th of december. so many models, so little time.

3. i have signed up for a twenty-four hour painting challenge on saturday the 28th november, so i'll report hourly then.

good night, and till next time my compatraiots!


Friday, November 20, 2009

death rides again...

i know, cheesy title, but i just finished my skellie horsemen

i am so happy they are done. now i can move on to other things.

till next time.


Monday, November 16, 2009

update 1

hey all. i just had a revelation i had to share.

for the last couple days, i've been looking over a new miniatures company, mantic games. I happen to really like thier miniatures. not only because of thier looks, but heck are they cheap. 25.00 big ones for 20 spearmen with full command.

yea they may be thinner then mose elven models (at least, thier first range is elves) but hey, they're elves, they're supposed to be that way right?

so anyway, having to happen to catch a rare picture of thier upcoming dragon model (which frankly blow's GW's high elf one out of the park, across the city, and into the deep blue sea) i have decided that after i have painted my backlog of mini's i will be buying from mantic for a bit. not only will thier upcoming undead range help beef my tomb kings army, but thier elves will provide a welcome challenge to the painting front. with thier great prices, how can i refuse?

that, and thier packaging is genius. the boxes they come in are designed to be re-used as carry cases for the very miniatures they hold!

the one downside is that they are a british company, which means big shipping on my end, but my local store owner has just informed me he will be ordering them at a discount for all that want them. this is great news.

as a birthday present to myself (17 on friday) i will be preordering thier messenger bag deal.

till nextime,


Sunday, November 15, 2009

Well, so it begins.

Hello all. I would like to welcome you to Onward to glory, my new blog for my wargaming hobby. This blog will cover every game system I play, everything I paint and model, and my reactions to news or new releases on the wargaming front.

This is my first blog, so if anyone would like to give tips they would be most appreciated, and you can commment or email me at . I apologize in advance for my grammer, as I do slip up some times.

I also write fiction, and do commissions on demand. If you are thinking of commissioning me or simply would like to read a sample of my work feel free to contact me at or comment on one of my posts while leaving an e-mail so that I can get back to you.

As this is my first blog I took the liberty of donig some research beforehand. I have since sent out an email to join the "from the warp" blog network, and i hope to have a great time with them. Here is a link to the FTW blog:

Till next time!