Monday, December 28, 2009

a crimson radiance shines forth from the rafters.....

Hi everyone!

just got back from my christmas vacation (i still have a week off school though) and picked up my order at the FLGS.

$55 USD got me two bolt throwers and 20 elves, as well as a tin of flock.

expect some lovely pictures soon.

oh, and a shout out to Bill from the cruise! have a happy new year man!

till next time,


Friday, December 18, 2009

look to my coming, at first light on the 28th day, at dawn, look to the rafters.....

well, i'm off on vacation tommorow. my parents have created a laptop-free zone around my person, such that all updates are stalled untill the 28th.

just thought i'd wish everyone a warm christmas before packing!

till nextime,

M.E.M., blogger and apprentice lotr wizard.

Monday, December 14, 2009

santa rides a chopper!

well, i think santa game me a preloaded gift this year. i participated in one of many forums secret santa's this year, and for my gift i got something really good.

i got a chaplin/librarian custom bitz kit this year. basically santa threw a space marine bike in with a handful of really good bitz ( ravenwing bike front, dark angel power maul, black templar power axe, a little censer on a chain.)

in any event, its one more warrior in my ever growing imperial coalition forces.

the rider and his "Sleigh" will be featured in the blog in later posts.

till nextime,


Sunday, December 13, 2009

progression on a long road pt 2

hey guys. i have an update.

i've figured out a way to batch paint mantic elves in sets of three or multiples thereof. as such, i completed 3 more elves tonight.

more elves, and a couple bolt throwers are on thier way to my FLGS, so sometime this week i'll have an update concerning them.

as of now, my priority is final exams for school, and finishing my backlog including the rest of the elves i have.

till nextime,


Friday, December 11, 2009

test elf finished!

as said, my test elf is finished. only thing i think i can improve upon is my freehand skills.

till nextime,


Thursday, December 10, 2009

progression upon a long road pt 1

Hey guys. I have to come out and say it right now. i'm HOOKED on mantic games. SCREW GW and thier BOGUS prices. Mantic knows how to treat its customers like real people, instead of addicts who can't get enough and GW is the supplier.

The elves are superb, the messenger bag is a great carry case, and thier upcoming undead (seen at or are sure to be awesome as well.

I'm currently painting a test elf at the moment. next up is the rest of the command troop box, then a spearmen troop and a bowmen command troop, and then finally an elven bolt thrower battery. I then plan more spears and bows, and when they come out some units of elven cavalry and palace guard.

i will be on vacation the week of christmas, so unfortunatly my last update next week will have to be my christmas update. as soon as i get back i will post to say i'm back. i will continue posting updates up until i have to leave, so don't worry, i won't give up my blog for even the saftey my soul!

i have also started to finish up my backlog, my new years resolution for last year. i may not complete it by new years eve, but i damn well sure am gonna give it my all.

till nextime.


Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The mail came calling!

YAY! My mantic bag and elves came. they are so awesome! the fig's are highly detailed and the bag is nice. here are some pictures

my first elf, then my current progress

and finnaly, a picture of the poster which comes with the elves, it is taped to my wall.

till next time!


Saturday, December 5, 2009

first tourney ever.

Hey guys. i thought i would write a short blurb about the tourney today.

i took the following list:

Grey seer, screaming bell, skalm, power stone, dispel scroll, rival hide talisman
525 pts

Chieftain battle standard bearer, halberd, shield, worlds edge armor, rat hound bodyguard
104 pts

Warlock engineer, doom rocket, warp-energy condenser, level 2, warp musket
165 pts

Warlock, level 2, two dispel scrolls, warplock pistol
158 pts

2 units of 24 clanrats, shields, standard and musician, warpfire thrower, rattling gun
365 pts

20 stormvermin, standard and musician, shields, storm banner, bell pusher
225 pts

20 slaves
40 pts

2 units of 21 giant rats and 4 packmasters
190 pts

20 plague monks, standard and musician, and shroud of dripping death
185 pts

2 rat ogres, packmaster
88 pts

7 plague censer bearers
112 pts

Warp-lightning cannon
90 pts

Total = 2247 pts

and so, i went to do battle.

1rst game vs Orcs and gobbo's lead by azhag:

i was gunning this game for a good cracks call down his war machine line. i got my engi in position, but then hey got squashed by the foot of gork. from that time on it was mostly defensive gaming. death frenzied slaves saw off some night gobbo's, the cannon took out a lobba crewman, and my loyal clanrat warriors saw off azhag who subsequently rallied in the last turn and didn't do much. mostly his magic fizzled, and i shot up a few things. the game ended in a draw. 10 battle points to 10.

2nd game vs generic wyvern boss Orcs and gobbo's:

i fared better this game. due to some poor manouvering a pretty big scrum by the bell resulted in his boss flying into the sights of my cannon, which proceeded to blast the wyvern to one wound. one of my clannies units died with thier warlock after a combo charge. other orcs and gobbo's got shot, the monks did squat, and the warlock engi's fried things. death frenzied slaves pulled down an orc or two before dieing. MVP for the game was my plague censer bearers, who saw off and ran down a 300 pt orc unit with character after the orcs had charged in. due to scenario requirments this game ended in a draw as well.

3rd game vs vamps:

i felt confident after my giant rats proceeded to beat his bats in the nose, but my PCB's fluffed it against his vamp bunker and died (after the vamp had moved from his dead bunker), giving the enemy an objective token they had picked up. his wolves saw off with two of the other remaining 5 tokens, while the rest were picked up by my units. my doom rocket went spectacular and (as previously said) wiped his vamp lords 1rst bunker completely, which made him scamper into his friends guardian skellies.

due to objectives and his wearing down of several of my units via long combats (and a flank charge with a beef'd coach) the game ended in a loss for me.

so in total i got 26 battle points. the guy i faced first got 1rst place, his brother in law (the vc player) got third for good painitng scores, and the lone wood elf player came in second and got a regiment box.

overal i had a fun time, and i can't wait for the next tourney.

pica are as follows: azhag counts as, 1rst game left and right (my point of view), game two, and game three.

till nextime,


Friday, December 4, 2009

well that puts a damper on things

hey guys. i thought i'd let you know of something pretty bad.

one of my weapon teams did not come in the mail in time for the tourney and i'll have to proxy.

i just hope that the officials will let me use the proxy (rattling gun i have) and not force me to

A: buy a new one there and then


B: disqualify from the tourney.

now since this is my first tourney i don't know how it will go down, but i'll let you all know what happens tommorow.

hopefully everything will be cool.

till nextime,


Wednesday, December 2, 2009

the storm looms

so, i had a particulary sobering thought this afternoon.

1. 2009 is coming to a close, and i have only a small amount of time to finish my new years resolution for 2009 (finish my backlog)

although i have made significant strides this year, i still have about forty miniatures to paint.

i had great success last weekend with the 24hour painitng challenge. to this end i have resolved to make next weekend (december 12-13) a paintng weekend of doom. i'll be sitting at my painitng desk all day. i will be creating and posting in a thread in the paintng and modeling section of

2. saturday is my first warhammer tournament.EVER.

i am psyched for it although i will be taking a sub par list (made with the modelsi have) for skaven, i plan to go for the win and have fun anyway. i will be posting on saturday evening with my results, as well as pictures. (i will be taking my backup camera - backup because my newer one is real nice and i don't want it wrecked/stolen.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

frenzy can be a good thing...

so i had a 24 hour painting challenge last night. was awesome. besides a singe warp-fire thrower i am getting in the mail, my entire skaven army is painted.

here are some pics. i call the two knights the christmas duo

till next time...


Thursday, November 26, 2009

thanksgiving update.

amid the stuffing and the cranberry sauce, the peas and of course the turkey, i press ever foward.

not much to tell except three things:

1. i got a new camera! (yay new and better pictures!)

2. i'm painting my arse off for a tourney this coming 5th of december. so many models, so little time.

3. i have signed up for a twenty-four hour painting challenge on saturday the 28th november, so i'll report hourly then.

good night, and till next time my compatraiots!


Friday, November 20, 2009

death rides again...

i know, cheesy title, but i just finished my skellie horsemen

i am so happy they are done. now i can move on to other things.

till next time.


Monday, November 16, 2009

update 1

hey all. i just had a revelation i had to share.

for the last couple days, i've been looking over a new miniatures company, mantic games. I happen to really like thier miniatures. not only because of thier looks, but heck are they cheap. 25.00 big ones for 20 spearmen with full command.

yea they may be thinner then mose elven models (at least, thier first range is elves) but hey, they're elves, they're supposed to be that way right?

so anyway, having to happen to catch a rare picture of thier upcoming dragon model (which frankly blow's GW's high elf one out of the park, across the city, and into the deep blue sea) i have decided that after i have painted my backlog of mini's i will be buying from mantic for a bit. not only will thier upcoming undead range help beef my tomb kings army, but thier elves will provide a welcome challenge to the painting front. with thier great prices, how can i refuse?

that, and thier packaging is genius. the boxes they come in are designed to be re-used as carry cases for the very miniatures they hold!

the one downside is that they are a british company, which means big shipping on my end, but my local store owner has just informed me he will be ordering them at a discount for all that want them. this is great news.

as a birthday present to myself (17 on friday) i will be preordering thier messenger bag deal.

till nextime,


Sunday, November 15, 2009

Well, so it begins.

Hello all. I would like to welcome you to Onward to glory, my new blog for my wargaming hobby. This blog will cover every game system I play, everything I paint and model, and my reactions to news or new releases on the wargaming front.

This is my first blog, so if anyone would like to give tips they would be most appreciated, and you can commment or email me at . I apologize in advance for my grammer, as I do slip up some times.

I also write fiction, and do commissions on demand. If you are thinking of commissioning me or simply would like to read a sample of my work feel free to contact me at or comment on one of my posts while leaving an e-mail so that I can get back to you.

As this is my first blog I took the liberty of donig some research beforehand. I have since sent out an email to join the "from the warp" blog network, and i hope to have a great time with them. Here is a link to the FTW blog:

Till next time!