Sunday, November 15, 2009

Well, so it begins.

Hello all. I would like to welcome you to Onward to glory, my new blog for my wargaming hobby. This blog will cover every game system I play, everything I paint and model, and my reactions to news or new releases on the wargaming front.

This is my first blog, so if anyone would like to give tips they would be most appreciated, and you can commment or email me at . I apologize in advance for my grammer, as I do slip up some times.

I also write fiction, and do commissions on demand. If you are thinking of commissioning me or simply would like to read a sample of my work feel free to contact me at or comment on one of my posts while leaving an e-mail so that I can get back to you.

As this is my first blog I took the liberty of donig some research beforehand. I have since sent out an email to join the "from the warp" blog network, and i hope to have a great time with them. Here is a link to the FTW blog:

Till next time!