Thursday, December 10, 2009

progression upon a long road pt 1

Hey guys. I have to come out and say it right now. i'm HOOKED on mantic games. SCREW GW and thier BOGUS prices. Mantic knows how to treat its customers like real people, instead of addicts who can't get enough and GW is the supplier.

The elves are superb, the messenger bag is a great carry case, and thier upcoming undead (seen at or are sure to be awesome as well.

I'm currently painting a test elf at the moment. next up is the rest of the command troop box, then a spearmen troop and a bowmen command troop, and then finally an elven bolt thrower battery. I then plan more spears and bows, and when they come out some units of elven cavalry and palace guard.

i will be on vacation the week of christmas, so unfortunatly my last update next week will have to be my christmas update. as soon as i get back i will post to say i'm back. i will continue posting updates up until i have to leave, so don't worry, i won't give up my blog for even the saftey my soul!

i have also started to finish up my backlog, my new years resolution for last year. i may not complete it by new years eve, but i damn well sure am gonna give it my all.

till nextime.


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