Wednesday, December 2, 2009

the storm looms

so, i had a particulary sobering thought this afternoon.

1. 2009 is coming to a close, and i have only a small amount of time to finish my new years resolution for 2009 (finish my backlog)

although i have made significant strides this year, i still have about forty miniatures to paint.

i had great success last weekend with the 24hour painitng challenge. to this end i have resolved to make next weekend (december 12-13) a paintng weekend of doom. i'll be sitting at my painitng desk all day. i will be creating and posting in a thread in the paintng and modeling section of

2. saturday is my first warhammer tournament.EVER.

i am psyched for it although i will be taking a sub par list (made with the modelsi have) for skaven, i plan to go for the win and have fun anyway. i will be posting on saturday evening with my results, as well as pictures. (i will be taking my backup camera - backup because my newer one is real nice and i don't want it wrecked/stolen.

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