Saturday, January 23, 2010

ARRGGHH i'm hit sarge!

Hey everyone.

Have you ever had that time where you committed to go to the game store to play someone who challeneged you, and then they don't show?

The above scenario happened today. Waste of ten dollars in gas. In trying to start some recovery, I have commenced a painting day for tommorow (sunday the 24th)

Expect a picture update at about ( pm tommorow evening.

till nextime,



  1. I once had a game schedule that I canceled by email earlier in the day due to a family issue. Person did not get it and then called me at home asking where I was. That was weird since I had never given him my number or my full name. Figured out a little later that my full name was showing up on my emails instead of just my nickname and my number is listed.

  2. It happens mate, I play at a club so if it does, there's always someone around for a pick up game.

    Sometime, life just gets in the way.