Friday, January 1, 2010

A new year, a new outlook on the plan

Hello everyone. I would like to start by wishing everyone a happy new year. Hooray 2010!

anyway, i thought i would post an update. recently i have bought and traded for several more items to take my armies to tournament (2250 pts) level each.

I then decided that since all i have to do is build and paint the remaining miniatures i have in my possesion.

To make this happen i have decided that until all of the miniatures i have (including painting projects i never got around to) are painted i will not be buying any more models and instead will put my wargaming funds away in a stash for a new start after said backlog is completed.

This "new start" will introduce a rotating system to my buying and painting habits. Within this change i will buy, build, and paint up to the next level of points for one of my four armies and then rotate to the next army, repeat the process, and continue on.

This elimminates the need for a "backlog" of miniatures and frees up some wieght from my shoulders so that i can continue my building and painting at a steady pace without having to play catch up.

Thats it for this update, although i may post again tonight with pictures of my current works.

till nextine,


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